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  • Large heat sink for optimum performance Soft-mount Charge Switch can be relocated with a regular extension.
  • Dual HD AWG22 input/output JR/Hitec connectors to double current capacity and redundancy
  • Built-in regulator is factory preset to 5.95V output.
  • Fully adjustable between 5V to 6.5V- Click on image to the right.
  • When input is higher than 6V or any set voltage, it will regulate to 6V or any set voltage.
  • When input drops below set voltage, regulator is bypassed.
  • Weight only 1.7 oz
  • Current: 0.03 ma max
  • Current: At 7.4V input, 10Amp continuous, 20Amp max for 1 minutes
  • Input Range: 4.8V-12V
Discharge Rate: 10 Amps
Weight: 1.70 ounces