S2508B-33W 9.6v 2500mah TWICELL NiMH, new style JR white connector

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Application: JR DX6 XP8103A 9303 SX600 XF421  XP6102 XP622

Twicell (Eneloop) extreme low self discharge, maintains a charge up to 2 years
Application: JR Spektrum DX6, DX7, XP8103A

Capacity: 2500 mA
Discharge Rate: 1C
Height: 1.12"
Width: 1.12"
Length: 4.00"
Weight: 11.00 ounces


This product contains the following items:
» 8 x AA 2500mAh FDK TWICELL HR-3UWX Button Top NiMH Cell